Classical Bridal Clear Swarovski Crystal Double Headpiece


Classical Bridal Clear Swarovski Crystal Double Headpiece

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Pandora is a really classically beautiful headpiece.  Cut solitaire stones and crystal beads lie in an elaborate pattern of an antique styled emblem on the side of the band.  Interwoven between the crystals are large and smaller natural lustre pale ivory man-made pearls and small solitaires line a double row headband at the front.  Due to the classical styling this piece compliments so many dresses.  This headpiece can be worn either way creating two different looks; one side it lies flat like a brooch against the head, whilst the other way the design stands more upright.


• Plated in rhodium (part of the platinum family of metals) for a darker antique silver finish


• Genuine Swarovski Crystals cut both as diamonds and clear beads and natural lustre man-made pearls


• 5.5 cm approx at highest point

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